We offer an array of services including embroidery, screen printing, vinyl applications, transfers, promotional products, and patches! Check out our galleries below and call or email today for pricing. We look forward to fulfilling your custom designed apparel needs!

Embroidered designs with Rayon thread for brightness, polyester thread for those that need to bleach and a mixture of both to get clean crisp design work.

embroidery_12.jpeg embroidery_9.jpeg embroidery_6.jpeg embroidery_8.jpeg embroidery_11.jpeg embroidery_1.jpeg embroidery_14.jpeg embroidery_10.jpeg embroidery_13.jpeg embroidery_7.png embroidery_3.jpeg embroidery_2.jpeg embroidery_4.jpeg embroidery_5.jpeg

Plastisol ink application for cotton and blends in up to 6 colors and a variety of placements!
screenprint_5.jpeg screenprint_4.jpeg screenprint_3.jpeg screenprint_2.jpeg screenprint_1.jpeg

Applications for a one off shirt or a larger name on the back for team wear, spirit wear or just a label. Add numbers for team jerseys or even special labeling for roll up barriers. (Ill have to take a picture of the one we did for the international airport!)
vinyl_2.jpeg vinyl_1.jpeg

Plastisol or cad cut full color transfers for events or multi-color company logos to press as needed.

Goods such as pens, tumblers, coozies, magnetic business cards and even knives or keychains with a company name or logo
promotional.png screenprint_4.jpeg

Patch for one event or a bulk order with a variety of backings such as adhesive, velcro, etc. OR just sewing patches on uniforms such as military, police, fire, forest service, etc.

Patches.jpg patches_1.jpeg patches_2.jpeg